All processes and machines in production rooms will release heat, and we can help you cool things down. As with all of our other designs, we will consider all the processes that release heat, moisture or contamination, and design a complete solution that will solve the issues in your production. We also consider factors of your production like cleaning and dehumidifying.

Hvordan vores Rumkøling Løsninger Fungerer

We have the know-how when it comes to ventilation for big companies with many employees. We have even designed our own products to solve issues in production units like slaughterhouses, which you can read more about here.

Over the course of 30 years, we have delivered countless cooling systems from anywhere between +3°C to +18°C. At the same time, we have made the environments draught-free to the joy of the employees. Our ventilation products are constructed in sandwich panels which limits the loss of energy. The surfaces are adjusted to specific demands and can be delivered in different materials like stainless steel or food hygienic foil.

Specialiseret Ventilation til Store Produktionsfaciliteter

Bardram har en omfattende historie med at levere effektiv ventilation til store produktionsfaciliteter, herunder slagterier med høj bemanding. Vores sortiment inkluderer kondensfri, lavimpuls, stødbords og indblæsningsarmaturer, der er skræddersyet til at imødekomme behovene i denne type produktion. Yderligere detaljer om vores ventilationssystemer findes på vores standardproduktside. 

Miljøvenlige og Energieffektive Løsninger

Vores rumkøleanlæg er designet til at opretholde temperaturer i området fra +3 til +18 °C og skabe trækfri produktionsmiljøer, der beskytter dit personale. Vores ventilationsaggregater er blandt andet også opbygget med sandwichpaneler, der har en høj isoleringsevne for at minimere energitab og dermed også elforbruget. Overfladerne kan tilpasses efter specifikke krav og leveres i materialer som rustfrit stål eller levnedsmiddelfolie.

Beskyttelse mod Kondensproblemer med GOBI-kondensikring

Our patented Gobi condensation limitation prevents destructive condensation in construction with mineral wool insulation. Our cooling systems services:

- Milk and cheese treatment in diaries.

- Meat slice production: Minced meat, cooking/frying, high risk and packing

- Industrial productions like moulding

- Areas working with dough — oven and cooling areas.

- Package handling

- Shredding, boning and packaging of beef and pork

- Manufacturing of ingredients, spraytowers and drying processes

Vores rumkøling Anvendes i en Række Industrier, Herunder:

- Mælkebehandling og osterier på mejerier 

- Pålægsproduktion
Fars, kogning/stegning, high risk, samt pakning 

- Industriproduktioner med stansning, spåntagning, og støbning 

- Dej- og raskeområder, samt ovnområder og kølebaner. 

- Pakkerier 

- Opskæring, udbening, pakning af kreaturer og svin 

- Kreaturslagtning 

- Svineslagtning 

- Ingrediensfremstilling, spraytårne, tørreprocesser
Konus i produktion
Indblæsningsarmatur i PUR
Indblæsningspose i rum

Do you want to know more about our services?

Find everything you need to know in the sections below, and learn about ways we can help your company.


Ventilation is a key solution for companies that need to maintain production environments and keep turning profits. Knowledge and insight about your company are important to us when we design solutions.


In rooms with high temperatures, steam, or contamination, process extraction is the way to go. Dust, heat, or contamination can be extracted from the source and create a better environment for your employees.


In all production rooms, machines and other processes will release heat. To maintain a good working environment, it is necessary to cool these rooms down — our products will help with this.


A dry production environment is key to safety. Steam and condensation on your work site can cause big challenges and loss of production time. Our solutions are designed to keep work areas dry so your team can get back to work sooner. 


Public guidelines determine how much noise is allowed in your work area, and some production units are too loud. Whether excess sound comes from processes in your production or ventilation units on the roof, we can reduce noise and make both employees and neighbors happy.


The smell of food can be wonderful, but if you are surrounded by it every day it might become too much. With different techniques, we can help you limit the odors created during production inside and outside of the working area.


Save unnecessary expenses by getting your current ventilation system checked. Usually, we can find ways for you to save electricity and money, by reusing the power already generated during production.


We have created our own products, that enables dehumidifying and cooling which will lead to a better working enviroment and increased production time.