Project management

With every project, we believe we can solve the problem at hand. It is our responsibility to guide you towards the right solution, and this is why we seek information on all processes in your company. This way, we can apply our knowledge and work together to find the causes of your issues. A project with us will usually go through the following five steps.

1. Analysing your needs

The first phase of every project will start with an open dialogue about the issues your company faces. We want to know as much as possible about your company — who you are and what you do.

Kundebesøg og service af anlæg

2. Suggested solutions

When we start outlining a solution, we use what we’ve learned about your company to suggest personalized, unique solutions that will help your bottom line.

We will always offer complete, detailed instructions on how to carry out the chosen solution. We specify the investment, the technical implementation and the installation.

Skitse og udregning af ventilationsløsning

3. From planning to production

In this step, the project becomes a reality. One of our skilled project managers will take over responsibility for your task. They will measure, design and calculate everything needed for the new installation or product. 

Our project managers and production team are located in the same building. This offers a higher flexibility to your project and allows us to perform well with deadlines and make adjustments quickly.

Produktion på baggrund af skitse

4. Assembly and start up

When the end solution is confirmed and production is underway, we will start setting up your new ventilation. The project manager will work with our trusted assembly companies and remain on site to ensure everything goes according to plan.

We begin implementing your new setup during production to make sure that our new solution meets your needs.

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5. Follow up

After installing your new ventilation and ensuring a smooth start, we will still be around. We make sure your employees have a fundamental understanding of how the ventilation works. We will always be available to share our knowledge that you can get the most out of your new solution.

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