Valuable consultation

We offer consultation for upcoming projects and will calculate and design sketches that make it easy for you to envision the solution. 

We promise to advise you professionally and create valuable solutions specific to your project. Our specialists ask the important questions to offer a thorough analysis. Most problems come from multiple issues — we make sure that we are addressing every single one of your needs. We’ll be with you every step of the way, finding the solution together. 

It is important for us that we always work together and highlight the needs of your company. This is how we can create and adapt the best solutions.

Excisting installations

We can help optimise your existing ventilation installations. We specialize in silencing and reusing heat from processes in your work site, which will lead to less waste. We can also calculate installations so they deliver the exact amount of air needed for your specific production. We often find that installations use 5-10 times more energy than needed. With a technical revaluation, we can optimise your ventilation and create more value for your company. This improves your processes overall and keeps more money in your pocket.