New large slaughterhouse in Aalestrup

Three slaughterhouses in one

After a merger in 2018, where four slaughterhouses joined together to become Himmerlandskød, the company wanted a new building that could combine three slaughterhouses into one. Denmark's second-largest slaughter and cutting company therefore began building a completely new facility in Aalestrup, which could house up to 110,000 cattle annually. From the customer's perspective, there was a strong desire to create a good indoor climate, where the buildings could always be supplied with fresh air. It was also important that the temperature in different departments could be regulated, both in relation to food-related requirements, but also to create a good working environment for employees. In line with this, it was also essential that moisture in the building could be regulated and air disturbances minimized.

An optimal overall solution

In collaboration with the customer, Bardram Luft-Teknik found a solution proposal that best matched Himmerlandskød's wishes, needs, budget, as well as technical and regulatory requirements. By offering a comprehensive solution, we could better provide the customer with the best result, where the installed elements work better together.

At the slaughter lines, we installed ventilation systems that, with the help of intake units, heat or cool up to 78,000 cubic meters of air per hour, depending on the operating situation. This ensures that Himmerlandskød's employees have the best conditions for the right climate. In line with this, it should be noted that the largest ventilation system on site is now at 60,000 cubic meters of air per hour.

The slaughterhouse corridor was equipped with exhaust ventilation, which, with the help of booster units, drives the air towards the joint exhaust and up through the 40-meter-high chimney. This helps to eliminate air disturbances in the surrounding residential area.

To limit the air exchange and thus capture the pollution directly at the source, where the concentration is high, the slaughterhouse corridor was equipped with process exhausts. This also helps to maintain a good climate for employees without any draughts.

The deboning facility was equipped with recirculation to ensure the right room temperature. This also helps the slaughterhouse dry out the room after cleaning.

Forbedret luftkvalitet og Miljøsikring

Slagtergangen blev udstyret med kraftfuld udsugning ved hjælp af booster-enheder, som effektivt dirigerede luften til fællesafkastet og derefter op gennem en 40 meter høj skorsten, hvilket eliminerede luftgener for naboer. Procesudsugning blev implementeret ved kilden for at reducere luftudskiftning og fange forureningen direkte ved kilden, hvilket yderligere bidrog til et sundt arbejdsmiljø.

Behagelig Rumtemperatur og Hygiejnekontrol

Udbeningsanlægget blev udstyret med recirkulering for at opretholde den korrekte rumtemperatur og hjælpe slagteriet med at tørre rummet efter rengøring.

Better working environment and fulfilled requirements

  • High demands for temperature and large differences in a slaughterhouse
  • Good environment and indoor climate throughout the slaughterhouse
  • Improved working environment

With the help of Bardram's comprehensive solution, Himmerlandskød now has a slaughterhouse that has primarily achieved a better indoor climate. This has contributed to an improved working environment for the company's employees, which has previously been difficult due to the large temperature differences that can occur in a slaughterhouse with high food-related requirements. Likewise, productivity, for example, has been increased since moisture is removed more quickly, and drying time is instead turned into production time.